Christmas Tree Season of 2013
Thursday October 31
Pre tagging of Christmas Trees starts tomorrow. Call before you come to make sure we are home to assist you. The trees grew very well in spite of the dry conditions during the middle part of the summer. The Fraser Fir color is also a nice dark green.
The main species we have is Fraser Fir. The next species is Colorado Blue Spruce and then a few Concolor  and Douglas Fir. 
We have a few frozen Blueberries for sale in 5 pound bags until the supply runs out. These quality berries were frozen at the peak of the season.
We will be ready for tree selling the day after Thanksgiving. 
The Christmas tree seedlings, planted this early Spring, had excellent weather conditions with plenty of rain to get a good start but later in season the drip irrigation proved helpful. Almost 100% of the seedlings started. 
Continue your tradition at Bredeweg Acres.




Roger and Ruth Ann Bredeweg