Blueberry Season of 2014

Tuesday July 29
Today is the last day for Blueberry Picking. The field is completely picked out. The berries this year were the biggest and best ever but the total crop was about 40% of normal. Thanks for sharing the season with us. See you next year or at Christmas time.

Monday July 7
Customers are  already asking "Are you open for Blueberry Picking" , " When can I come and pick Blueberries", "How does the crop look this year"?

The cold winter was hard on the blueberry plants. The blossom 'set' this Spring was lite. The 'new growth'  is abundant and very healthy looking. Because of fewer berries, the berry size will be exceptionally large. So I think the net effect will be a fairly good crop.
We expect the 'opening day' will be around the same time as last year which was July 12. The day before we open, I will send an email to customers on our email list. If you want to be added to the list-- send us an email.

Since the supply is limited this year, we will not be taking orders.  We will try to have pre-picked berries for sale at the counter on a limited bases. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Continue your tradition at Bredeweg Acres.




Roger and Ruth Ann Bredeweg