About Us


This land known as Bredeweg Acres was purchased in 1988. I first saw this farm for sale one evening when riding a bike. I drove in and talked to the owner and immediately fell in love with the farm. It had some blueberries, Christmas trees, a pond for irrigation and a creek running through the pond.

I was born and raised on a farm but left the farm life and chose the path of science in college and grad school. I longed to get my hands back in the “dirt”. My wife was a city gal with no farm experience. But the next day we called the real estate agent, came to an agreement, and in the next few weeks the farm was ours.

In the spring of 1989 we planted more trees. I continued to work at the R&D lab for another 7 years and working the farm in the evening and week-ends. In 1995 I retired from the lab and decided to work the farm as a ‘gentleman farmer.’ We have expanded the acres of trees and blueberries since retiring.